Keeping your grease extraction system and duct work clean is important. If not kept clean to a standard conditioned in your policy and its found as the cause of a fire, insurance companies are unlikely to pay out. Grease can be a potential fuel for a fire which could then spread further through the building. And loss of earnings ?

It is now required by insurance companies for commercial kitchens to have their grease extraction systems and ducting cleaned frequently by an accredited specialist (depending on volume and duration of cooking)


Orklean are able to provide the necessary certification to meet your legal and insurance obligations aswell as pre and post clean images and a report detailing work undertaken and any problem areas.


Keeping a clean extraction system will also maximise the efficiency in keeping down overall heat and humidity in your kitchen eliminating strong food smells and making the area a more pleasant place for staff to work. Reducing running costs and prolonging the life of your system is also high on the list of benefits considering Orklean to take care of your systems.


We are more than happy to accommodate to the working hours of the kitchen as we appreciate that most commercial premises are a busy place. As well as undertaking the cleaning work, we take the up most precautions to ensure the kitchen work space is left the way we found it as extraction cleaning can sometimes be a messy process.


Our work adheres to the regulations and guidance of TR/19: Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems, published by B&ES.


Trained to the following: BSEN 15780 &tr19, CITB 14208 Ductwork Hygiene Standards


Inside Ductwork in a hotel kitchen. Hadn't been cleaned in over 20 years and cooks for 12 hours a day. You can see in the first photo how thick the layers of grease was.